File Extension Qif

Files with .qif file extension can be associated with one of three different programs. The first, and most common, is the Quicken Financial software from Intuit. The Quicken .qif (Quicken Interchange Format) contains the standard account information from the Quicken application. This includes multiple banking and investments accounts, individual transactions, financial institution data, and saved reports. It is the native format for the Quicken software and is generally used only for saving data on the hard drive. Although never intended to be used for online banking, some financial institutions offer downloads in .qif format. Those that don't may offer .ofx, an open and standard format which most current financial software packages support.


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The .qif format is being used less frequently, but many financial software programs support both importing and exporting these files. GNUCash, a free and open source offering is available for Windows, Mac, GNU/Linus, BSD, and Solaris. Other programs that can use the .qif file are KMyMoney2 for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Money, Ace Money, PL Cash, and Cashbox. It is recommended that users of other financial software save data in their native formats, only using the .qif for importing data from external sources. It should be noted that although these programs have support for importing and exporting .qif data, no importation will be perfect. Different programs interpret category and column data differently and users will usually have to go through the imported file and clean it up to fit their software package. Saved reports will also have the same limitations.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Qif

If a user encounters an "unable to read" error when trying to import a .qif, it's likely that the export of the file did not execute properly. In this case the user should attempt to get a new exported file created. The "unable to verify financial institution" error is generally caused by a transmission error when download a .qif from the bank or investment firm. Downloading again will most likely solve the problem. All other errors will be connected to corrupted data within the file and cannot be repaired. The Quicken software automatically creates backup files every time the software is used, so those experiencing corrupted data can access these backups to restore the data. For instructions on this process, please consult the Quicken documentation.

Apple QuickTime compressed image files can also carry the .qif extension, though the newer .qtif extension is used almost universally now. Regardless of the old or new extension, the format remains the same. These files are containers for still images referenced by QuickTime movie (.mov) files. In other words, if a movie contains a still image or graphic, it will call the .qif file for data necessary to interpret the compressed data and display it in a movie. As a container, the .qif stores the data needed to display the compressed image, as well as the image itself.

QuickTime Image files can be opened using the QuickTime viewer or player, ACDSee Photo Manager, or QuickTime Opener. If the images are embedded in a .mov file, any software that supports the .mov format can open the file. Codec errors are a problem with this process however. If the file was created on a Mac, using a Mac codec, some Windows and Linux programs will not be able to open the file because they don't have use of those codecs. There is no work around for this error.

The last program with the known extension .qif is DESQview. This font archiving program was DOS based and ran on Windows 3.1, 95, and 98. The software is no longer produced or supported and no known programs exist to access these files.

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